Caring for your most valuable pet(s) like they are my very own.
MVP Pet Care
is a Bonded and Insured pet sitting service with over 10 years of experience.  We provide pet sitting services to specific areas of 
(Please see MVP Service Area Tab for specific areas of

MVP Pet Care is
also a member of
Pet Sitters International

MVP Pet Care

We are accepting new clients.  

Are you heading out for a day trip, long weekend or vacation and have pets that 
do not require an overnight sitter, but still need to be taken care of?

Want your home to look lived-in while you are gone?

Do you work all day and have pets that would benefit from a daily visit/walk?

Maybe you have new/older pet(s) that need a little more attention
during the day or perhaps a bathroom break?

Whatever the case may be, MVP Pet Care will provide the care
in your pets' home when you cannot be there.

animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife Bathroom Breaks                      animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  Daily Visits for Your Pet

animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  Fresh Water/Food                      animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  Home Looks Lived-In

animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  Personalized Attention             animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  Familiar Surroundings

      animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  Kitty Litter Changes    animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  Cat Pam"purr"ing
             animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife   Home Security Check              animals,creatures,footprints,lion tracks,nature,wildlife  And more...

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