Caring for your most valuable pet(s) like they are my very own.

Marnie Pasveer is the owner/operator of
MVP Pet Care with over
10 years experience in
pet sitting.

I have had a passion
and love for animals
ever since I was
a little girl.
I also volunteer my time
with animal rescue groups
and I have adopted a rescue dog.

About MVP

Daily pet visits is a wonderful way to provide pet care when you cannot be there,
whether you work all day or heading out of town.  

The best thing about the services that MVP Pet Care offers is that your beloved pet can
stay in the familiar, comfortable surroundings of their own home.

Your pet will receive personalized attention which is very beneficial.

MVP Pet Care is the perfect solution for new/older pet(s) that require
a little more attention during the day.

I will even make your house looked lived in while you are away.

You can be assured that your most valuable pet(s) are being
taken care of like they are my very own.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been asked by family, friends and neighbours
to take care of their animals and their homes while they were away.  
Whether I was caring for a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit,
birds or a tankful of fish.  

Marnie Pasveer
Owner/Operator of MVP Pet Care 
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