Caring for your most valuable pet(s) like they are my very own.


Marnie has taken care of my dog, Kahlar and my condo for the past 11 years while I've been away on vacation.  I even used Marnie as Kahlar's pet sitter while I was in the hospital.  It gave me some peace knowing that Kahlar was well taken care of while I was recovering.  Marnie is trustworthy and dependable.  Kahlar is at the age now that she requires a little more TLC while I am at work and I am happy that Marnie is able to help us out.
 - Richard

Woo hoo - a buddy who is close who loves animals who pet sits!! :)
- Lori

Marnie is an amazing person, great with animals and a trusted friend.
- Pam

Fozzie sure enjoys your visits and really looks forward to them.  His smile is bigger on the days he sees you.  He is really fond of you.  Took to you right away when you two met.  On days you visit him, he grins from ear to ear right up until bedtime.

You are wonderful!
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